Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sooooooooo Much Worse than the Good Ol' Daze

The good Ol' Daze are gone and that is great.  Perhaps we will continue to see better ones.  We, as humans did horrid things years ago, it just didn't get posted on blogger.  Not only did people accept them as the norm, but they didn't get caught either without DNA testing and technology that we have today.  I can't believe how people rant every day since 1966, the year I was born, about how worse things are "now".  We just know about them now.  Half of the things, that is.  It's still not perfect.  Perhaps if we knew everything we'd jump off the nearest bridge.  We.  We?  Some of us may be the very culprits.  Maybe those of us who long for the good ol' days are actually worried about todays information and technology etc.  Maybe that is the real reason people make those statements.  No this and that didn't happen way back then, Worse things happened. Like all the babies disposed of after they were born because they had no open position on your farm or family business for them.  Perhaps they were the wrong sex even.  Who knows?  It's for certain the pony express didn't ride up to tell you about it.  
All the storms and attitudes.  Well, they've been going on since before my birth and were record breakers.  The attitudes were always there just more people felt justified.  Now people long for a safe group to hate.  Or a safe race to hate.  It's like everyone runs around looking for an acceptable form of prejudice.  Today it's safe to hate Smokers, Arabs, Muslims and Atheists to name a few.  
The good ol' days were just that, but spelled differently, hence, the good ol' Daze.   
Sure there were some good things.  Politeness and growing your own food, I'm all for those things.  Even hunting if it's to feed yourself and family.  But trapping your own sitting ducks(cattle) isn't really the way to go if your trying to say your living off the land.  Sport of killing big mean threatening bunny rabbits with little to no meat isn't quite it for me either.  
There are a lot of things we could pick up again from certain times long ago and prosper from.  But the sexism, abuse, murder, racism, and ignorance could be left out.  
Shit, just give peace a chance lol 

Monday, May 16, 2011

WE've Gone no wheres but backwards..........

I can remember being denied housing because of being "incomplete" or one of those "divorced type people" and then wishing them a nice drunkard, non rent paying, destructive married couple as tenants. 
That was only a few years ago actually.  Things are just as bad now with people's ignorance.  
Fine if your a couple, I know one or two good couples.  But to think you are only a human being if you are paired up or long to be paired up is insane and goes against everything.  I was born single and I will die that way.  Those are the two things you do alone--be born and die.  How you choose to live is your choice, hopefully your choice.  No one dictates to me how I should live especially when it comes to mating/religion.  I have my own mind and my own body.  
It's charming in one way how people do only what their families tell them.  At first glance, it's tradition and just so noble.  But a few more seconds of thought and it's unacceptable.  One knows that somewheres down the line there was a strong great great grandmother that stopped some silly tradition.  She was an awesome lady and everyone listened (as well they should have)  If not for her, people would still be following dumb crap like sheep.  But who is the next thinker going to be?  When times and situations change and we learn new information, who will be the next one to challenge stupid notions?  
I left a job filled with, not kids, but women in their 40's and 50's who still didn't think for themselves.  They believed in the tooth fairy and the boogeyman which is fine.  But they also were filled with hate towards anyone that didn't think just as they and their out of date ancestors did.  They repeated lies and presented them as facts to innocent children and young adults.  Some of the young adults didn't even research or question any of it.  I know, I read their stupid, hypocritical, misinformed, ridiculous facebook statuses claiming lies were truths.  
Some of the ideas that are still floating around like flying stench-filled crap balls are so backward in time they should be amazing.  But they are not.  It's become the norm to follow blindly and not think around here.  
There is a lot I don't know and I try to learn it.  I don't understand how others just pretend to believe crap.  They must be pretending right?  No one is really that lame.  I guess they are actually wise to pretend to fall for the lies people sell.  They make money off of them and are rewarded for their lack of curiosity.   If they just go with the flow, regardless of how poisonous it is, they are accepted within the network of thieves and liars, whether it be a company, a club, a church or other reward based group.  
Advancement.  That's all, advancement. 
Change is a good thing and I'd love to see it in this lifetime.  Too bad there are so many imposers and so many more of their foolish followers.  
As I've said so many times throughout my life, I shall not conform.  If it's a good idea that works?  Yes I'll take note and utilize it.  If it is out dated and of no use to anyone (except the ones that profit from your dumb ass buying into it) ?  Then, hello no.