Monday, July 20, 2009



I had this friend on stumble upon who always wanted dug or stumbled for this and that, never hesitating to email a request for just that. I dug, I stumbled until one day, I asked for a stumble back. I checked his favorites and no stumble--my reader showed no dig. He is no longer a stumble buddy. Dig to be dug. Sounds like a song. I had to be strong ;-)

I checked out bebo once again since Flock had it on there and I once used AIM. It's like a dead end world for me there. All links leading no where. I'm not sure what the idea of the site is as you can't find any real content on there. Someone must use it somewhere, but of my 200 old aim friends, zero are active on there. The old party has really broken up during my offline time--or just came to bloggerville. Perhaps they are all on facebook or myspace--not sure. As generic and full of ads bebo seems to be--I'm wondering if it's just my isp or something. Maybe it's the merging of aim-bebo and it would look different if under bebo itself (the sign in). But for me it's the most secluded dead end of the internet. Totally cut off--rather depressing.

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